22 August, 2008

We are moving :-)

Yes. We are soon moving and i hope the move is going to go better then the change of URL:-)

At the end of this month we are moving in to a nicer apartment, the best part is that the new apartment is in the neighborhood so we don't need to go so far.
The big dilemma is if we should rent a car or if we should carry everything, it's close but not that close...

We are, or more right to say my wife are spending the days packing while I'm at work. On top of that she find time to clean the apartment and iron my shirts.. She is the best :-)

When it comes to pictures, i don't have any new ones, but after a search in the archive i found this..

What should i say about this one ?
It's a nice and well kept car...
And this is taken in my neighborhood area

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