16 August, 2008

Last day of vacation...

It's time to get back to the normal life again. 
No more lazy days and sleeping into the afternoon..:-)
Before we leave this beautiful place, i want to show you some more of the scenic view at this place.
This one show a little place in a neighbor valley (Myklebust), about 150 people live her. they either running a farm or they work outside the valley.
Coordinates for this place in 
Google map is 61.743600, 6.552850

This one is a overview of Byrkjelo, this is the place we have spend our vacation. 
Coordinates for this place in
Google map is 61.733230, 6.502730
The river from Myklebust runs down to Byrkjelo and on the way down there is tree power plants, making electricity from the river.
Coordinates for this place in 
Google map is 61.739470, 6.528280

Thats all folks, next time i'll be wrigthing from Bergen.
See you later

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