26 October, 2008

Bergen history lesson..

Yes we are the Vikings, and we are always ready....
 Noo. I'm just joking.
This one is a replica from one of the many ships we had. It was working by sail or by rowing.
It's named after the King Haakon Haakonsson
In the front, they always put some creatures to scare of the enemy 
This one is not a Viking.
Here name was "Madam Felle" and in the old days she had a bar/pub where people could come and get drunk..
At the bottom of the statue it shows how they believe it was
Back to old history again.
This is the place of the first woman hospital (st. catherine's hospital)
And now at the end we are entering the Bryggen Museum (Harbor museum) 
This is from the old old parts, who was burned down in year 1170
Her is items from excavation and from old buildings in Bergen
Thise one shows toys.
On the right you kan see a early model of a ice skate, there is allso a ball and some other stuff.
This is a model of the old Bergen around year 1200 - 1300
around year 1300 Bergen was a trading center of European importance. The city had between 5 and 10,000, maybe about 7,000 inhabitants, and was clearly the largest and most important in the country. In European standards was a averige big city.
This is one of the Norwegians Kings (Magnus Lagabøte), in old old days Bergen was the capitol of Norway and the place the Kings ruled the country
Thise one shows the clothing and work/home
 This was all for now, hope you found it interesting.
And as usual.
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20 October, 2008

Cours at work

Today I've been at curs with some people from work. allot of interesting stuff and dinner + beer.
we'll been talking about new solutions and old ones, our coworkers and others and allot of other stuff.
Tomorrow, is day two and the discussion goes on.

see you

15 October, 2008

Bergen update

I'm sitting her and try to write something nice in my blog but it's so hard to find something to wright about.

I could write about the financial crises but the newspapers do that well enough.. I could write about the whether, but thats so boring (raining)

I have a dry period (no alcohol Problem) but from the picturing, autumn is her and the evening darkness comes earlier every day and in the morning it's still dark when i drive to work :-(

At home i have two beautiful girls waiting so i run home as son as possible after work, and after dinner the daylight fade away..
Talking about my girls, our baby is 4 months today and we took allot of pictures for the photo album..

I have found some new blog's lately and some bloggers found me, thats very nice but i wish i had more to offer of pictures to my old and new visitors.
You can all see the blog's i follow but i will not give you any specific, every one of you i follow is nice and some better.

But ofcours i have some that are commenting me and who I'm commenting on a regular bases.
(Kyle and Svet Keeton) in Window to Russia who are in Israel on vacation and are posting pictures and ofcours Helena-skyblu who are writing about here everyday life in USA. If you feel sad because i didn't mention your blog, don't.. It's just to many to list her and you are all to be found in

On my way home from work today i found a autumn picture for you all. It's taken close to my workplace.

The autumn give us the most beautyfull colors

And at the end
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06 October, 2008

Testing ScribeFire

I found this tool.

ScribeFire, for posting trough FireFox to Blogger.

Looks nice for the text, but how about for the pictures.
Lets try..

Bergen harbour

So far so good, lets try one more

A very dead rose

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05 October, 2008

First snow in bergen 2008

 Today it happened.
Some snow came from the sky and covered some of the mountain tops..

 Norwegian news in English

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