29 December, 2007

Happy New Year 2008

It's not so bad, we made another year..

You can find a New Year Countdown for your country here

So who should we give thanks for that ? Politicians, Religious, fanatics or ignorants ?
I really don't know, but i give my thanks to pure luck..... I'm only master over my own life, and I'll do the best i can.

So what should we wish for in 2008.
Peace.. Harmony.. Less pollution and allot of other good stuff

And my personal wishes ?
  • Stay in love
  • More pay at work
  • Vining in lottery
  • Buy house/apartment
  • Good exam grads
  • lose weight

wish you all a


28 December, 2007

Baby update..

Hey you all.
Today we where at the clinic for ultrasound scans. It was a total success and we got confirmation for the day of birth, it's going to be around May 28. 2008.
We also learned that we are going to be parents for a little Princess..

24 December, 2007

Xmas is soon over ........

I'm siting her and wondering about what happened, I'm talking about Christmas. All the packages is opened and that's it...

My 20 year old daughter is sitting in one room and are sour and on top of that, she wound let her brother who is 15 year borrow her laptop. when i ask why, she answered " i don't feel like it.."(what is she going to do, next time she need a favor from him ??)

Enough about that, lets talk about something nice. PRESENTS !!
That's a nice thing, everyone got something nice, and we all seams happy. what we got ? some got money, some got cloth and some other stuff. And one of us got a Diamond Ring :-)

I was planning to take some Xmas pictures, but with this weather it's not possible to take any nice pictures. it's raining and freezing at the same time and the only thing we do outside is to get more firewood and walking over to a nearby gas station for more chocolate and soda..

Tomorrow we are going to home and on Friday we are going to hospital for ultrasound scan, then we also are going to find out if it's a girl or a boy :-) We are both very exited and can hardly wait to know.

See you later, and i will try to give you some pictures..

20 December, 2007

Chrismas again..

And here we go again, presents to buy and allot of money to use.

My wife left on Tuesday to here mom's place, and me and the kids are going on Sunday. I'm spending my time at work and running around for Christmas shopping.

I haven't had time to do any picturing, but i hope to take some in the Christmas holidays.

I'm happy to tell that I'm almost finished with all the presents, my brother came to my work to pick up his daughters presents and the ones he is bringing to our sisters place, where he is going to spend Christmas holidays.

I bought my wifes present today, cant tell you what (she may read this) Tomorrow I'm running out to buy the last ones, the last ones is for my daughter and for my son. What I'm going to buy ? I have no idea and I've would be happy for some ideas... :-)

I found some of my son drawings and i promise that later on i will give you some Christmas pictures. But for now i wish you all a marry Christmas....

15 December, 2007

Global Warming

What kind of world do we want our kid's to grow up in ??? Do they get the chance to grow up ??

UN Climate Talk

Global Warming in the Artic

We are in deep shit, but if we act now it's maby not to late for our children's.

13 December, 2007

calender 2006

I got a new calender today and the old one, was to nice to just trough away.
They are not in the right order but as you can see, all season is here.

The rights for this calender belongs to "GREIG KALENDERFORLAG"

10 December, 2007

Hiking at mount Ulriken

On Sunday i was hiking at mount Ulriken, it's the highest mountain of the seven mountains around Bergen.
At this time of the year, everything should be covered by snow but with this global warming it's not going to be winter like when i was a kid.

#1 The first picture is taken from my elementary school, and shows the mountain top.

#2 I'm on my way
#3 This rock was so enormous when i was a kid
#4 yes i know, I'm going up :-)
#5 the cafè shop at the top
#6 The city song
#7 Cable car, for the brave and lazy one

#8-9-10-11. a overview of the city
Take a look at the last #11. if you maximize you can see where i took the first one

04 December, 2007


Wintertime is here. It's dark when i go to work and when i come home from work it's dark too.

I don't have any new pictures to share with you, but i found this video clip.
it's taken in the Spring 2007 and is a overview of Bergen taken from mount Fløyen.