24 June, 2009

Expensive visit in Bergen

Allso this time a big visit from Russia, last time it was submarine.

At the end.
Norwegian news in English

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17 June, 2009

New posting from Bergen, in june

June is here and summer too, all tough summer is a over statement. The temperature is low and i just don't get the summer feeling.

But who am i to complain, in Africa (not all) they have to little rain while we get more then enough..

Enough about that, we where talking about summer and June. Some big things has been happening this month, i turned 40 and our princes become 1 year..

Some pictures is taken sins last posting and the the following pictures are some of them.
They are from in and around bergen city.
This one are from my neighborhood area and is a very popular place

Just a window in city

The pride of Bergen (one of them) Statsraad Lehmkuhl

The main post building used to be in bergen city (downtown) they moved and it has become a shopping-center (mall) This is from back then