18 November, 2007

weekend trip to Sandane 2.

finally home, we manage to drive home using less then 4 hours. It's pretty quick, but don't tell the police :-)

I promised you some pictures, and here they are..

Just for fun I'm putting in autumn and now.

It's so little snow to be this time of year and it seams like getting lesser and lesser every year.
Before in this time, everything would be cowered by allot of snow.

Weekend trip to Sandane

This weekend we are visiting my mother-in-law, she lives a 4,5 hours drive from Bergen.
I have shared pictures with you from this place in the summer and autumn, but when we come home i will put in some winter pictures.

If i had remembered the cable to the camera, you would see them now..

See you later, with a posting named "weekend trip to Sandane 2"

11 November, 2007

More winter-pictures

I couldn't find any info about this place, but i can tel you that it's name is Jordal and it placed 10min with car from bergen, a beautiful place in the sumer..
I took this on my way home after work today 14:30

This one i also took today 07:30, after i drove my wife to work. It's name i Gamlehaugen and if you click this link, you can read more

As you can see, it's allot of low light pictures and thats because in the wintertime our days just get shorter and shorter, you can read more about Polar night here

10 November, 2007

First snow in bergen

Brrrr, winter is here.
This is from a nearby area called Åsane.
This i also the place my workplace is.

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06 November, 2007

Finaly got the Picture

This one has i waited many months for doing,
There is always some boat or ship laying in the front of it. But one day on my way home it was laying there all alone :-)

what you are looking at is Bergenhus Festning (Bergenhus fortress) it's one of the best preserved fortresses in Norway.

"Wikipedia" "Fortresses in Bergen"

The picture is watermarked
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03 November, 2007

My saturday

Hi you all..

This evening my Wife is at work and I'm home alone with my kid's.
If i can cal them kid's, my daughter is 20 and my soon is 15 but from the behavior it's hard to believe.
We eat a nice dinner and i used the opportunity to tell them that in may-jun 2008 they are going to be brother and sister to a new baby.

They are still in shock :-)

On my way home after driving my wife, i stop at an old monastery called "Lysekloster" click the link and you can read more at Wikipedia.

a reconstruction

the floor-plan

I took some pictures my self too.