28 June, 2008


There is a big interest of Webcam in my blog, when i check the visit-log there is a lot of search and hits for Webcams.

I will try to make a link post for Webcams in Bergen.

Link from a local newspaper. BA

Link from one more local newspaper. BT
They have webcams from many places in West of Norway and from the Hurtigruten

The last one is from a Oslo based newspaper Aftenposten, they have news in English and Webcams around Norway.

Hope you enjoy the ride.

24 June, 2008

Baby update and some more from Bergen

Just for showing of :-)
Our Little princess are 10 days today, friends and some of the family came visiting with cake and presents..

My oldest daughter send this one, she lives in England and couldn't come. But it seams like she understood she got hard competition for the princess title :-)

And then finely a Bergen picture, this is from a nearby grammar school. It's pretty nice, they removed the crawling plant but did not remove or painted over the trace it made.

And for the one who care, her is some Norwegian news in English.

17 June, 2008

Baby update

Today both baby and mom come home, Both of them in perfect shape.

14 June, 2008

Baby Update.....

Our litle princes is born. She came saturday May. 14. 2008.
Everything is good, both mother and child.

She was 3,4 kg. and 52 cm. long.

09 June, 2008

I need your wote ......

I want to win a camera SLR and with your help, i can.

If you want to help me, click her and you can give me a vote...

05 June, 2008


No baby jet, we are one week overtime and still waiting.
My exam is on jun.11 and i try to read allot..

See you all later