30 September, 2007

New weekend, new tripp. part three

The autumn is started, and i want to share with you the wonderful colors.

With just a little sun and some extra degree on the thermometer, then the flowers comes out..

29 September, 2007

New weekend, new trip. Part two

This is taken when we was driving to Sandane, where we are going to be this weekend.
The sunset is so nice over the fjords....

Pictures from Sandane, a beautiful place when the sun is shining.

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28 September, 2007

New weekend, new tripp

This time we do a short weekend trip, we are visiting some family and friends.

We left directly after work and we arrived 10:30 this evening, we are pretty tired after work and a 5 hour drive.

If you visit tomorrow, i will put in more pictures...

20 September, 2007

Weekend tripp. part five

Finely home.

After 8 hours driving back to Bergen, it's nice to sit down and take a rest.

Because of work, it wasn't so much time to photographing but we took some more on the way home.

But first, i want to show you the Nobel peace building ... It's a beautifully and important building.
For more information CLICK HERE

And here is the rest of the pictures.

Weekend trip part four.

Yes we are still in Oslo, but we are going home today.
For the last few days I've been working, and it hasn't been time for anything.


17 September, 2007

Weekend trip part three.

Some site's from nearby area

Weekend trip. part two..

We arrived Oslo yesterday about 18:00. Then we Head been driving since 10:30, because some pit-stop it took a bit longer then expected.

The weather wasn't so bad, so we choose the quickest road.

The highest point at the road, is 1250 m over the sea. It's not so much to Se up there but we took some pictures.

Waiting for the ferry.

From one of the viewing points

It's a waterfall of several hundred meters.

And we are on the top, it's flat on the top and you can drive for hours

This is touristic site, meant for showing how mountain people used to live.

Nothing much to see.......

15 September, 2007

Weekend tripp

we are going to Oslo, the capitol of Norway. We are taking the car and going to use about 7 hour over the mountains. Yesterday one of the mountain passes was closed, because of heavy snow and storm.

We are bringing the camera and are hoping for allot of nice pictures.

This is the traveling rout, but the whether are deciding.
We maby has to do another rout

04 September, 2007


Found this wall-art hidden away on a parking lot.
Because of the steel-beams i head to edit the picture, but i hope
you can see how nice it is.

03 September, 2007