28 October, 2007

Just another evening walk

The autumn is her by the fullest, we are actually entering the winter now. the result is a lot of evening pictures.
I've been trying out the various settings on the camera, and i soon found out that i had to by a stand for the camera.

This is from a nearby ally, usually it's a quiet place but today it was crowded i had to wait and wait :-)

The folloving pictures is overlooking the west side of Bergen a place called Laksevaag.

No leaf left on the tree's

19 October, 2007

Linux VS Windows

My brother, who ofcours allso is from Norway :-) want to give English blog a try..

The blog name is "A little bit about everything" (Litt av hvert fra alt)

His first posting is about the different between Linux and Windows, Hope some of you can give him some feedback.
He's pretty good with the camera too and if you treat him good, he maby want to do more picture posting.

09 October, 2007