23 February, 2009

Monday afternoon in Bergen

Sitting her and looking trough my pictures, i realize that i have allot of pictures and I'm worry about the copy's.
Yes i do backup, and i store them safe, but how safe is Safe and how long do they last ??
Last count showed almost 10.000 pictures, and it just get more and more. On top of this the file size just getting bigger too, starting with my simple camera and up till today with my system camera where the RAW file is 13 MB each file.

Just now i have the backup on some hard-drive that i store at work, but i realize that i in the comming years, i'm going to loose some of the pictures.

If i keep up and take pictures just as much as now then i'm going to have about 40 - 50.000 pictures in 10 years

Some scientists should make a ever lasting storage disk, i wish for a 1-TB disk who never stop working..

But enough about boring stuff, and over to the pictures again.

This one is a picture from (Bergen Tinghus) court hall, this is one of four statues standing outside.
This is one of several ferries trafficking the west coast of Norway, between tree counties (Hordaland), (Rogaland) and (Sogn og Fjordane)
This one is named (Kommandøren) Commander
The sun i shining and you kan se the reflection in the windows, but why not in the center building ?
At the end.

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11 February, 2009

A journey trough winter wonder land

Now we are home and i found some pictures to share.

This is a big lake close to Sandane, and the following pictures are the same place but by my opinion one picture wasn't enough..

Frozen lake and mountains
Frozen lake and mountains close up
Frozen lake, mountains and fog

This is the main road to sandane, not to much snow but the ice, you don't see it but it was there
Winter road

Postbox for one of the locale farmers, really nice.
Snow on tree

Then we come to the night pictures, i like taken pictures at night but when it's this cold it take some planing. Last thing i need is condense in the optic.. If you scroll down you can see how cold :-)
Tree at night
Same night but the moon came and say hello
Tree and moonlight
Frozen tree at night

Here is the house, really nice but old house, full of cracks everywhere.
House in winterland

I told you it was cold (Richard, this is cold enough for me) so taking the camera out from the house ore in again, take some planning.
soo cold -14

In this old house the heating is basically based on firewood, so when we woke up in the morning this is how the windows look.
ice on the window
ice on the window
The one who woke up first, head to fire up the ovens.

At the end.
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08 February, 2009

Cabaret in Sandane.

Yesterday we vent to the local theater, it's a new building and the opening play was CABARET.(Link in Norwegian) For the one who don't know, it's a play written in 1966 and is about about 1930 Germany (Berlin) 
and the night Cit Cat Club ??

The actors are the local school, art class, and they did a very good acting. Some better then others but all in all, a very good play.

I have taken allot of winter pictures, both day and night but i think i save them for later posting.  For now i only post this one from Cabaret

At the end.
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06 February, 2009

Long weekend in winter norway

Yesterday we jumped in the car and drove up to Sandane, to visit my wifes famely. We are going to stay till monday and i'm going back to work on tuseday..
Up her in Sandane it's allot of snow and the temperature is low, and it gives me the opertunety to take some winter motive pictures, i hope..
But lets talk about something else first. Our car a SAAB 93 and it's a fantastic car, run smooth and it gives us all the security and comfort we need, but!!
Nothing last for ever i noticed yesterday that there is something wrong with the cooling system, the valve (thermostat) for the water is not shutting and the temperature is so low when driving.
At least now i know why it is using so much gasoline :-) the usage is up to 1,2 litre pr mile (10 km) and befort it was 0,75 litre.
I have some work to do, when we come home..

Lately I've been working om my new project, a home theater build of a desktop computer running on Linux-Mint and it's working pretty good. There is one problem it's almost not possible to stream TV shows from the Internet.
I've tried everything but i can't make it work, i asked everyone i know but the where no help to get. But there was help to get :-) Kyle from the (Blogspot) world Replied to my call and give me some advice. There is only one thing to say to him, thank you Kyle my Blogspot friend. i haven't installed Wine yet but I'm going too, when i come home.
Hopefully then i can watch streaming TV on my media center..

I don't have any pictures to day, ore maybe i do. 
Just took it with my mobile.
See you later.

At the end.
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