23 February, 2009

Monday afternoon in Bergen

Sitting her and looking trough my pictures, i realize that i have allot of pictures and I'm worry about the copy's.
Yes i do backup, and i store them safe, but how safe is Safe and how long do they last ??
Last count showed almost 10.000 pictures, and it just get more and more. On top of this the file size just getting bigger too, starting with my simple camera and up till today with my system camera where the RAW file is 13 MB each file.

Just now i have the backup on some hard-drive that i store at work, but i realize that i in the comming years, i'm going to loose some of the pictures.

If i keep up and take pictures just as much as now then i'm going to have about 40 - 50.000 pictures in 10 years

Some scientists should make a ever lasting storage disk, i wish for a 1-TB disk who never stop working..

But enough about boring stuff, and over to the pictures again.

This one is a picture from (Bergen Tinghus) court hall, this is one of four statues standing outside.
This is one of several ferries trafficking the west coast of Norway, between tree counties (Hordaland), (Rogaland) and (Sogn og Fjordane)
This one is named (Kommandøren) Commander
The sun i shining and you kan se the reflection in the windows, but why not in the center building ?
At the end.

Norwegian news in English

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