04 March, 2009

Spring is coming to Bergen..

Finaly the spring is coming and days are longer with more daylight..
The new thing for me is my investment in bus card, and for the last month i just used the car two times. It's so nice, i save money and get more exercise at the same time. I have a 15 min walk to and from the bus stop every day. It's a win/win situation :-)
Another good thing, is now with more daylight the possibility for shooting some pictures are better then in the winter time.
My camera is always close and i never leave home without it. My plan is to use the opportunity to take some pictures between home and work, thats the plan and i think i will see it trough.
Stil not to mutch light in the dawn, but it's comming :-)

Our princes is growing and she loves listening to music, and when we find the old and broken guitar she loves it. The guitar misses some strings and is out of tune, but she don't care.
At the end.

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