28 March, 2009

Picture posting from Bergen

Its finally Friday and the weekend can start. It has been a nice week, allot to do at work but thats nice to.

I'm still using public transportation (TIDE) between work and home, it takes longer time but it's so nice to just sit down and rest for 25 min, while the driver take me to work..

Now and then i'll take some pictures while going to work or home, with my mobil. and if i do i post them on my mobile blog and if you want you can take a look.

On my way home from work to day, i took those pictures.

Havey lift crane
It's enormous 
 Havey lift crane, from the side

Take a look at that guy's backpack
 Dog in Back pack

Rhododendron is in Spring mode
 Pink Rhododendron
This one too..
 Spring has come and planst starts giving flower 

At the end.

Norwegian news in English

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