31 March, 2007


I don't keeping my blog up to date. it become to much with school and work.

I'll be back, don't forget me........


07 March, 2007

Evening walk on mount fløyen

After work i went for a walk on a nearby mountain, one of the seven mountains around Bergen city.
Mount Fløyen is one of the most popular walking area, close to city and you can choose to walk or use the cable car.
And just to make it clear.. I walked ;-)

Just wanted too shear the view with you all ..

05 March, 2007

Fortresses in Bergen

In the city there is 3 fortresses, i went for a walk in two of them..
Bergenhus fortress and Sverresborg fortress. The fortresses is going back many hundred years an if you want to learn some Bergen history i put in some links (Wikepedia)

Entering the top level of Sverresborg Fortress

From here they could defend all of the city.

Looking down at Bergenhus fortress

On my way into Bergenhus Fortress.

Håkonshallen, a royal ceremonial hall erected during the reign of Håkon Håkonsson between 1247 and 1261, was badly damaged by the explosion of a German ammunition ship in 1944, but was restored by 1961. Erected in the 1560s by the governor of Bergen Castle (Bergenhus), Erik Rosenkrantz,

(Rosenkrantz Tower) served as a combined residence and fortified tower

Thanks for taking this walk with me.