25 December, 2006


The day is here, and almost everybody has a joyful time.

Yes almost everybody.

Firs of all i wish to send some thoughts to them who is not so lucky and don't have so much, to them who is alone and to them who maby set a fix just now.

But, when that is mansion we need to celebrate to, even tough not everybody can.

Our day started with driving my wife to work, yes she head to work to day too. she came home a while ago and is sleeping for a little while.

After that i head to drive some newspaper for Jr. believe it ore not, the newspaper for the 26th was coming today.

If you don't know, in Norway everything is closed 25 and 26th of December, and they has to make the newspaper some days in advance (yesterdays news, hi hi)

On the menu today it's Pinnekjøtt and Turkey, the Pinnekjøtt has been coking for a while now (need about 3hours) and it smells delicious. Next up is the Turkey and then at the end potatoes, sous and something called Kålrotstappe. Mmmmmmmmmm so good......

Pinnekjøtt Traditional Christmas food in Norway, particularly in the south-western parts of the country.

Based on: salted and dried ribs of mutton, traditionally steamed over clean birch sticks.

Kålrotstappe mashed swedes

In the mean time you can watch this perfect kind of the plastic XmasTree

Food is cocking......

This year the kids wish for money "yes i know, it's maby not right" but thats what they want. And it gives them a opportunity to by something more expensive. You all know that the wishes now, is so expensive.

Of course we head some reasonable presents too, like underwear and sweaters. Boring but nice to have...

We got this nice painting from my mother-in-law, she painted it and it fit's perfect in our kitchen.

I wish to end todays Blog with wishing you all a Marry Xmas and a pleasant evening.

15 December, 2006

Ahhhh. finaly friday

One more day and i would go crazy. Don't misunderstand me i love my work but there is something magical about the weekend.

You has busted your ass around to satisfier your costumers and your colleagues and it's just so good to sit down and take a brake. Just doing what you want to do and of course what your wife or girlfriend want to do ;-)

this weekend it's time to decorate the Christmas tree and i guess we start tomorrow or maybe Sunday, just now I'm making dinner for me and my son (chicken and Thai wok) my wife is at work for the second time to day and she isn't going to be home before 23:00.

My son bought him self a new game today Dreamfall and he is almost inside the screen and he recommend it to you all. He is usually playing WOW and needed a break..

yummy, it's so good...

14 December, 2006

Finaly home again

Finaly home again, i've been at school whit my trade union.

We went trugh basic training for rules and laws for us who are to take care of the workers right.

At the evening the first day, we head a gathering at the hotel bar with discussion and exchains of thoughts and experiences. +++ some beer's

The Hotel "Thon hotel Lillestrøm" is placed in Lillestøm 15min from Oslo by Train it's a nice hotel with a nice staff.

The food was moustly Ok, but one of the diner court was just like rubbery. In Norway we have somthing called Pinnekjøtt, it's basicly salted and dried ribs of mutton, steamed over clean birch sticks and is the Traditional Christmas food in Norway, particularly in the south-western parts of the country.

It taste like haven when it's made the right way but if not, you chew and chew and never finish chewing.

But all consider it was a nice stay and nice rooms they also head a swimmingpool, with perfect temp




And finaly on my way home.

unfortunately not so many pictures but i found some links you can look at, the only ting we did outside was take some deep breath and run in for more learning.

12 December, 2006


To day and tomorrow, I'm with my work in Oslo.

We are learning about workers right and how to help them if they comes into some conflicts or problems with their workplace or co-workers.
It's 6pm and we are finished for today and 7:30 we are going to eat dinner.

I'm going to give you a better report when i come home.

It's a picture of Lillestrøm 15min From Oslo..
PS: sorry for the bad English

10 December, 2006

Xmas shoping

Yesterday the race for xmas started.

I bought 10 xmas cards to friends and family and when my wife was finished resting after work, we went shopping at a mall called Lagunen, 20 min south of Bergen.

I really surprised my self, i manage to by 6 out of 10 presents and all because of good planning, i think I'm the only one who remove the

"No commercial, sticker from the mail box in my neighborhood" I just love xmas commercial...

Today we plan to visit a mall called Sartor Senter at the West side of Bergen, I'm only await a call from my wife for me to pick here up at work, it looks like she is going too bee late today. She is usually don by 13:00 and now the time is 13:45.

Ahhh. she called now, now we can run out and spend more money om presents

"jippi I'm so happy"

Nice Xmas wether.

When December is over, we will have received more then 600mm of rain.

And thats allot.......

09 December, 2006

Xmas Party

Every year in Norway, we got something called "Julebord".

Usually our work/company are paying for food and drink but also groups of friends are gathering for "Julebord".

This year, my workplace where inviting us to a Xmas Gala together with 3000 other people, both private and company's. It was held in a indoor football field called Vestlandshallen, it's placed in Åsane 15min from Bergen.

It was a fantastic event, with good entertainment, food and drink. It was Norwegian artists and several of them was Norwegian Idol winners, if you remember Kurt Nilsen the world idle winner, he was one of them.

Each table head their own weighter, who did their best to help us an serve us, and they did a very good job. If i ever get the chance again, i will have no doubt to do so.

03 December, 2006

My walk in Bergen today

Went out for a walk today , as I did i found this one. A bit confused of the temp and whether i guess.

Hope for this one sake it's stay this temperature.

Later on this evening i went trough Bryggen. The public Art school made this

nice example of a "Lotus"

Pretty nice to look at..

At Tuesday i have a test, so I set most of day with my nose down into the books and take notes, actually i start getting panic i don't want to do the test again.

But still i need to have some fresh air...