25 December, 2006


The day is here, and almost everybody has a joyful time.

Yes almost everybody.

Firs of all i wish to send some thoughts to them who is not so lucky and don't have so much, to them who is alone and to them who maby set a fix just now.

But, when that is mansion we need to celebrate to, even tough not everybody can.

Our day started with driving my wife to work, yes she head to work to day too. she came home a while ago and is sleeping for a little while.

After that i head to drive some newspaper for Jr. believe it ore not, the newspaper for the 26th was coming today.

If you don't know, in Norway everything is closed 25 and 26th of December, and they has to make the newspaper some days in advance (yesterdays news, hi hi)

On the menu today it's Pinnekjøtt and Turkey, the Pinnekjøtt has been coking for a while now (need about 3hours) and it smells delicious. Next up is the Turkey and then at the end potatoes, sous and something called Kålrotstappe. Mmmmmmmmmm so good......

Pinnekjøtt Traditional Christmas food in Norway, particularly in the south-western parts of the country.

Based on: salted and dried ribs of mutton, traditionally steamed over clean birch sticks.

Kålrotstappe mashed swedes

In the mean time you can watch this perfect kind of the plastic XmasTree

Food is cocking......

This year the kids wish for money "yes i know, it's maby not right" but thats what they want. And it gives them a opportunity to by something more expensive. You all know that the wishes now, is so expensive.

Of course we head some reasonable presents too, like underwear and sweaters. Boring but nice to have...

We got this nice painting from my mother-in-law, she painted it and it fit's perfect in our kitchen.

I wish to end todays Blog with wishing you all a Marry Xmas and a pleasant evening.
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