09 December, 2006

Xmas Party

Every year in Norway, we got something called "Julebord".

Usually our work/company are paying for food and drink but also groups of friends are gathering for "Julebord".

This year, my workplace where inviting us to a Xmas Gala together with 3000 other people, both private and company's. It was held in a indoor football field called Vestlandshallen, it's placed in Åsane 15min from Bergen.

It was a fantastic event, with good entertainment, food and drink. It was Norwegian artists and several of them was Norwegian Idol winners, if you remember Kurt Nilsen the world idle winner, he was one of them.

Each table head their own weighter, who did their best to help us an serve us, and they did a very good job. If i ever get the chance again, i will have no doubt to do so.

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