14 December, 2006

Finaly home again

Finaly home again, i've been at school whit my trade union.

We went trugh basic training for rules and laws for us who are to take care of the workers right.

At the evening the first day, we head a gathering at the hotel bar with discussion and exchains of thoughts and experiences. +++ some beer's

The Hotel "Thon hotel Lillestrøm" is placed in Lillestøm 15min from Oslo by Train it's a nice hotel with a nice staff.

The food was moustly Ok, but one of the diner court was just like rubbery. In Norway we have somthing called Pinnekjøtt, it's basicly salted and dried ribs of mutton, steamed over clean birch sticks and is the Traditional Christmas food in Norway, particularly in the south-western parts of the country.

It taste like haven when it's made the right way but if not, you chew and chew and never finish chewing.

But all consider it was a nice stay and nice rooms they also head a swimmingpool, with perfect temp




And finaly on my way home.

unfortunately not so many pictures but i found some links you can look at, the only ting we did outside was take some deep breath and run in for more learning.

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