23 January, 2007

18 January, 2007

A litle photo montage From the west of Norway.

A picture taken from mount Fløyen.
One of the 7 mountains the city is in between

This is just a statue, but the dears are living in the city mountains

From a little Sunday trip too a local mountain,
Hordvik Mountain

On top of the most visible mountains there is something
Called Varde (in the old days they used to have a signal
fire, if they where attacked)

Now they are used as a landmark and we can write our name
and date for visit.

This is from place called Sandane, i have some family there.
A beautyfull place in the sumer and cold as hell in the winter..

When we are in Sandane, we always try to do some fishing.

This is from the high mountain, we where glassier walking/climbing

Here we are

And now at the end, a city map from downtown Bergen.

Must pictures is taken with my cellar phone, and the quality isn't always that good

16 January, 2007

acrobat ore idiot ??

I was on my way home today, and when i passed the building for the custom service i saw some service people from a known Bergen company, they where repairing the roof after this weekends storm.

unfortunately it doesn't show that well but one of the guys where controlling the lift and the other one was doing some acrobatic exercise on the outside of the man-basket.
All this, ofcourse without any harness ore safety rope.

Hope they get payed allot, because i really don't think any insurance company will cover any bodily injury if they don't use some safety equipment..

14 January, 2007

Helloooo people I'm done

finally done with today's post and you don't need to wait any more :-)

unfortunately the weekend is over and we just have to prepare our selves for the work week to come.
But what can i tell you about my weekend, Jr has been visiting and he spent most of the time in front of the Computer and played WOW and of course he was delivering the newspaper today.

A while ago we bought a new DVD player and yesterday we bought something more,
new TV (Panasonic 32" LCD)

We went to a store named ELKJOP and we already made up our mind about which TV to by and of course as expected the seller tried to change our choice and told us how bad this TV was and that we could count on pore quality picture, at least if we watch football but we stood our ground and went for our choice, if she only new what kind of TV head from before :-)
And who cares about football........

Our old TV 21"

But enough about that, i sign up for some financial school BI and this weekend the papers telling about when and where came, so now it's back to studying and exam in the summer.

At the end have to tell about "SERVER" the boat foundered outside Fedje (west cost of Norway) and because of the whether it's not possible to take up the leaking oil.
A very bad situation for nature (sea life and birds)

07 January, 2007

Non working weekend. part 2...

Hello people.

Then the night is over and we been home for a while.

We ended on a Chinese restaurant called China Palas. Unfortunately we couldn't take any pictures but we head a good time and they give god service.

After we eaten (Beef chopsui, chicken with sweet & sour sauce) and drinking some wine and beer we set the course toward home. On the way we picked up a home movie at a rental place. We choose a movie with Jim Carrey Fun with Dick & Jane a nice movie in good Carrey stile.

For a long while we hasn't been able to look at any movie at home, the machine we head didn't work properly, but some days ago we where out shopping and we found a nice and cheap player. It was a Toshiba and it's working.

My wife start working tomorrow 0600 am and the weekend is over for here part but not for me. After i driven here to work i can go home and to bed again.

Non working weekend

Today we head a great Saturday, my wife wasn't working for the first time in many months and we spend the time walking around and having a good time at coffee shops and in the city.

We decided to make Salmon with baked potatoes and vegetable for dinner, but just when i was to put on the stow i change our mind.

I asked if she wanted to go out to eat instead, We hasn't head time to do to restaurant just me and her sins right after we got married one year ago. Thats too long but the way it is when we work all the time and the nights come to soon

which restaurant we are going i don't know but i guess Chinese, she just finished in the shower and are making her selves even more beautiful :-) mmmmmm and she is finishing very short (she is even faster then me in the bathroom hi hi) and when she is don we live

Part two is coming later

wish you all a nice Saturday evening

02 January, 2007

New year and new opportunities

Thats it, we are writing 2007 but first i has to make a walk trough of the year.

What happend in 2006 ?

  • I've got married to the most beautiful girl in the world.

  • Vacation in Turkey

  • raise in salary

  • Allot of school stuff at work

  • plus 10 kg

  • payed tax - 70.000,-

  • Payed bills - 144.000,-

Hoho, this really makes it worth working 'NOT'.

What do i wish for in 2007 ?

  • Continue being married to this perfect girl

  • 1 year wedding day 03.02.07

  • Start studying at BI

  • Even more raise and lesser overtime

  • A couple of trips to Turkey

  • minus 10 kg

  • New tasks at work

  • Winning lottery

  • Maybe by a new car

  • Lesser tax

  • Lesser bills

Al consider it has been a nice year, but it has been some challenges too, both positive and negative.
The biggest positive experiences has been the private one, with marriage and vacation but also raise in salary and my work pay for education.
I don't want to say anything about the negative one, somebody may get sour but i will make sure it wound't happen again in 2007

So what did we do at new years eave ?
We cheked in to the hotel at 1700 31.12.06

Ve head arrange fore a double room and Jr's eays went to big zise when he saw the suite. We releax for a while and just enjoy the rooms.
After a while we vent down to the bar (Yes, Jr was coming too they mix some nice alcohol free drinks for him) When everything was drunk up and the movie they where showing was finished we went back too the suite, we dressed up and went to a restaurant.
We ended up at a place called EGON. We ordered a delicious pizza and allot of Nachos with some dip/dressing.
After eating and a trip to the hotel for some worm clouts, the time got closer to 2400 and we went out and down to the Bryggen (harbor) to look and to fire up some fireworks. It was allot of very nice New Year fireworks display but the weather was so bad, it was raining and so windy.
At 0100 we went back to the hotel and went to bed ZzzZzZz.

Back to regular life..
And as usual my wife head to go to work early and when i got here to work i could go back to the nice soft and worm hotel bed, after a little sleep it was time to breakfast and it was allot to chose between mmmmmmmmmmmmm 'SO GOOD'
After breakfast it was time to check out from the hotel and go home, and to pick up my wife at work when she was finished.

And at the end now i wish to send a big thank you too First Hotel Marin in Bergen for a very pleasant stay and good service.

I wish you all a peaceful and calm year