14 January, 2007

Helloooo people I'm done

finally done with today's post and you don't need to wait any more :-)

unfortunately the weekend is over and we just have to prepare our selves for the work week to come.
But what can i tell you about my weekend, Jr has been visiting and he spent most of the time in front of the Computer and played WOW and of course he was delivering the newspaper today.

A while ago we bought a new DVD player and yesterday we bought something more,
new TV (Panasonic 32" LCD)

We went to a store named ELKJOP and we already made up our mind about which TV to by and of course as expected the seller tried to change our choice and told us how bad this TV was and that we could count on pore quality picture, at least if we watch football but we stood our ground and went for our choice, if she only new what kind of TV head from before :-)
And who cares about football........

Our old TV 21"

But enough about that, i sign up for some financial school BI and this weekend the papers telling about when and where came, so now it's back to studying and exam in the summer.

At the end have to tell about "SERVER" the boat foundered outside Fedje (west cost of Norway) and because of the whether it's not possible to take up the leaking oil.
A very bad situation for nature (sea life and birds)
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