07 January, 2007

Non working weekend. part 2...

Hello people.

Then the night is over and we been home for a while.

We ended on a Chinese restaurant called China Palas. Unfortunately we couldn't take any pictures but we head a good time and they give god service.

After we eaten (Beef chopsui, chicken with sweet & sour sauce) and drinking some wine and beer we set the course toward home. On the way we picked up a home movie at a rental place. We choose a movie with Jim Carrey Fun with Dick & Jane a nice movie in good Carrey stile.

For a long while we hasn't been able to look at any movie at home, the machine we head didn't work properly, but some days ago we where out shopping and we found a nice and cheap player. It was a Toshiba and it's working.

My wife start working tomorrow 0600 am and the weekend is over for here part but not for me. After i driven here to work i can go home and to bed again.
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