18 January, 2007

A litle photo montage From the west of Norway.

A picture taken from mount Fløyen.
One of the 7 mountains the city is in between

This is just a statue, but the dears are living in the city mountains

From a little Sunday trip too a local mountain,
Hordvik Mountain

On top of the most visible mountains there is something
Called Varde (in the old days they used to have a signal
fire, if they where attacked)

Now they are used as a landmark and we can write our name
and date for visit.

This is from place called Sandane, i have some family there.
A beautyfull place in the sumer and cold as hell in the winter..

When we are in Sandane, we always try to do some fishing.

This is from the high mountain, we where glassier walking/climbing

Here we are

And now at the end, a city map from downtown Bergen.

Must pictures is taken with my cellar phone, and the quality isn't always that good
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