02 January, 2007

New year and new opportunities

Thats it, we are writing 2007 but first i has to make a walk trough of the year.

What happend in 2006 ?

  • I've got married to the most beautiful girl in the world.

  • Vacation in Turkey

  • raise in salary

  • Allot of school stuff at work

  • plus 10 kg

  • payed tax - 70.000,-

  • Payed bills - 144.000,-

Hoho, this really makes it worth working 'NOT'.

What do i wish for in 2007 ?

  • Continue being married to this perfect girl

  • 1 year wedding day 03.02.07

  • Start studying at BI

  • Even more raise and lesser overtime

  • A couple of trips to Turkey

  • minus 10 kg

  • New tasks at work

  • Winning lottery

  • Maybe by a new car

  • Lesser tax

  • Lesser bills

Al consider it has been a nice year, but it has been some challenges too, both positive and negative.
The biggest positive experiences has been the private one, with marriage and vacation but also raise in salary and my work pay for education.
I don't want to say anything about the negative one, somebody may get sour but i will make sure it wound't happen again in 2007

So what did we do at new years eave ?
We cheked in to the hotel at 1700 31.12.06

Ve head arrange fore a double room and Jr's eays went to big zise when he saw the suite. We releax for a while and just enjoy the rooms.
After a while we vent down to the bar (Yes, Jr was coming too they mix some nice alcohol free drinks for him) When everything was drunk up and the movie they where showing was finished we went back too the suite, we dressed up and went to a restaurant.
We ended up at a place called EGON. We ordered a delicious pizza and allot of Nachos with some dip/dressing.
After eating and a trip to the hotel for some worm clouts, the time got closer to 2400 and we went out and down to the Bryggen (harbor) to look and to fire up some fireworks. It was allot of very nice New Year fireworks display but the weather was so bad, it was raining and so windy.
At 0100 we went back to the hotel and went to bed ZzzZzZz.

Back to regular life..
And as usual my wife head to go to work early and when i got here to work i could go back to the nice soft and worm hotel bed, after a little sleep it was time to breakfast and it was allot to chose between mmmmmmmmmmmmm 'SO GOOD'
After breakfast it was time to check out from the hotel and go home, and to pick up my wife at work when she was finished.

And at the end now i wish to send a big thank you too First Hotel Marin in Bergen for a very pleasant stay and good service.

I wish you all a peaceful and calm year

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