07 January, 2007

Non working weekend

Today we head a great Saturday, my wife wasn't working for the first time in many months and we spend the time walking around and having a good time at coffee shops and in the city.

We decided to make Salmon with baked potatoes and vegetable for dinner, but just when i was to put on the stow i change our mind.

I asked if she wanted to go out to eat instead, We hasn't head time to do to restaurant just me and her sins right after we got married one year ago. Thats too long but the way it is when we work all the time and the nights come to soon

which restaurant we are going i don't know but i guess Chinese, she just finished in the shower and are making her selves even more beautiful :-) mmmmmm and she is finishing very short (she is even faster then me in the bathroom hi hi) and when she is don we live

Part two is coming later

wish you all a nice Saturday evening

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