11 October, 2009

A visit to Bergen Aquarium


I havent been posting for a long long time, it's not like i don't bother any more but i just dont have time. I moved to a different office at work and there is allot to do and in the afternoon i go to school..

Today we went for a walk in the neighborhood and we ended up at the Bergen Aquarium, i took some pictures i wanted to share with you all..

We start with the seal, these fantastic creatures


Then we found some fish, we even met Nemo :-)

And some crocodiles and or alligators

A huge snake

and at the end, a picture of the penguins

They also have some open fishtanks, where people can stick their hands inn and touch the animals. There i Sea-stars, Crab, some small fish and other exciting things. The kids love it

At the end.

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