29 August, 2008

We are moving :-) part 2

Her we go....
I started 08:00 this morning, and this is first rest sins then (13:40), the apartment we are moving from is in the 4th floor and no elevator. My luck :-) (The new one one floor up)
The new apartment is as i told you, close to the old one and thats good (and bad). Good because we don't have to go far and bad because it's so close it's stupid to use a car.
My brother is coming tomorrow to help me with the heavy stuff, he is the best one. He never say no and always find a way to help.
............THANKS BRO.......
No pictures today or this weekend, if i take some pictures I'll use the mobile phone.
And it will be posted at: my mobile blog 
Here we go again.... See you later

22 August, 2008

We are moving :-)

Yes. We are soon moving and i hope the move is going to go better then the change of URL:-)

At the end of this month we are moving in to a nicer apartment, the best part is that the new apartment is in the neighborhood so we don't need to go so far.
The big dilemma is if we should rent a car or if we should carry everything, it's close but not that close...

We are, or more right to say my wife are spending the days packing while I'm at work. On top of that she find time to clean the apartment and iron my shirts.. She is the best :-)

When it comes to pictures, i don't have any new ones, but after a search in the archive i found this..

What should i say about this one ?
It's a nice and well kept car...
And this is taken in my neighborhood area

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20 August, 2008

Changing my URL, part 2

So much trouble for so little.....

I did the change and everything seamed OK, but to my surprise it was not.
I've been searching everywhere but i couldn't find my blog with the new address

So now i change it back and I'm newer going to touch it again :-)

19 August, 2008

Sunset over Bergen

Took this one today.
We are living close to a park (Nordnesparken) i took it from there and looking over to the isle Askøy.
When the clouds and the sun is working together we can see the most beautyfull sunset

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18 August, 2008

Back in city

Then we are home again.
The vacation is over and normal life beguines, on Wednesday. Yes i have one more day and I'm enjoying it to the fullest....

My Wife started school today and that means that our princess and her daddy is home alone, she has just eaten and is sleeping so sweet on the sofa just now :-)

The big thing in my blog world, is my change of URL. For the one who didn't noticed, my old address used to be "http://bskaad.blogspot.com" but as you probably noticed you are not there now.
If you take a look you will see that the URL is the same as the title of this blog and the reason for changing is my eager for more visit :-) (Spread the word, i want more visit and comments...)

In this work of changing i discovered that i had allot of tools who needed to know my new address too, some i could just change and some i had to make all over again. But i think i manage to fix them all, I'll keep my fingers crossed.

At the end i will welcome all readers back and to the new ones, pleas come back again and if anyone of old or new readers has an opinion. Use the commenting tool and give me a comment.
One more thing, I'm open for request. is there something you want to know about bergen or is there something you want to see (picture) give me a word and i will try to do so.

Norwegian news in English:
A litle picture at the end.

16 August, 2008

Last day of vacation...

It's time to get back to the normal life again. 
No more lazy days and sleeping into the afternoon..:-)
Before we leave this beautiful place, i want to show you some more of the scenic view at this place.
This one show a little place in a neighbor valley (Myklebust), about 150 people live her. they either running a farm or they work outside the valley.
Coordinates for this place in 
Google map is 61.743600, 6.552850

This one is a overview of Byrkjelo, this is the place we have spend our vacation. 
Coordinates for this place in
Google map is 61.733230, 6.502730
The river from Myklebust runs down to Byrkjelo and on the way down there is tree power plants, making electricity from the river.
Coordinates for this place in 
Google map is 61.739470, 6.528280

Thats all folks, next time i'll be wrigthing from Bergen.
See you later

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15 August, 2008

changing my blog url

I'm thinking of changing my blog url...

to this one


Some feedback, is it a good or bad idea ???

Just now i have them both

13 August, 2008

Day trip to Nordfjordeid

Today we went to Nordfjordeid, a comunety center in Sogn & Fjordane. It took about one hour to drive including the ferry.
It's a nice place with shopping mall, walking street and, old nice buildings. One day i'm going to put in the pictures of that too, but today i want to show you some of the others i took.

This one is from one of the farms we where passing on the way.
Coordinates for this place in 
Google map is 61.867847,6.076083
In the walking street there was this little corner, called KLEMMEKROK. If i translate to English it's going to be something like (Hug Corner) If you ever need an excuse to hug the one you love, you kan take them here :-)
Coordinates for this place in 
Google map is 61.908404, 5.987834 
We had a very nice day today and when My wife was shopping me and our little Princes went for a walk and we took allot of pictures.. Maybe we show them to you later, who know ? :-)

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11 August, 2008

Lazy days (Summer vacation)

Not so much to tell.
We are enjoying the days, relaxing and eating :-)

Pictures? Not to many, it's a small place and I'll think i showed you most of the place all ready. But of curs i have some...

I've been doing allot of work on my vacation, my mother in law is saving the work for me. It's actually pretty nice, i don't get bored.. :-)
I've been fixing and moving the satellite disk, fixing some crashed computers, tighten up some furniture and one of the days I'm going to do the lawn..

But now over to the pictures.... I found some!
Eidfossen, a small but powerful waterfall and the building on the left side is a power plant.
(On the picture above, it's not rain. It's the shower from the waterfall that was making me and the camera wet)
Laksetrapp, because of the dam at the top of the waterfall, the salmon cant get up. To make it easier or possible for the salmon to continue they build a canal for the fish to get up (laksetrapp)
This is where the Trolls are living :-)
This day it was cloudy and the light in the forest got so mystic and i had no problem believing in the fairy tails about the Trolls

This church is in a nearby village called Reed, a small place with a church, pub/bar and grocery marked + camping..
Norwegian news in English:
Aftenposten Aftenbladet

05 August, 2008


I'm going to miss it, the biggest thing in sailing events in Bergen, and I'm at vacation.

This link will take you to a PDF Doc, showing where each ship will be placed in Bergen harbor, and I'll also put in links for web-cam in Bergen.

This one is the best and give a good view of. Bergen harbor
(use F5 to update the image)

This one is nice too and give you a page for all the web cam in and around Bergen

At the end a picture of the city pride, Statsråd Lehmkuhl
who is also in the tall ship race.

News in English from Norway and her is even more news

03 August, 2008

Summer vacation

It finally came, our time to do the summer vacation...

But what more do you think came at the same time ? Rain, rain and rain !

Of curs, after more then one month of sunshine and nice temperature we couldn't expect anything else :-(

I brought the camera and will try to give you some pictures from our vacation in Western Norway, yes thats right we are staying in our usual place "Byrkjelo"

At this time of year, the berry is done. this one is "Rips" (redcurrant) a sweet and sour berry and it bring back good memories from my childhood.

Just to show you the weather. I sendt a orderd for nice weather, but i guess it got lost on the way to the one in charge :-)

As usual. Norwegian news in English