18 August, 2008

Back in city

Then we are home again.
The vacation is over and normal life beguines, on Wednesday. Yes i have one more day and I'm enjoying it to the fullest....

My Wife started school today and that means that our princess and her daddy is home alone, she has just eaten and is sleeping so sweet on the sofa just now :-)

The big thing in my blog world, is my change of URL. For the one who didn't noticed, my old address used to be "http://bskaad.blogspot.com" but as you probably noticed you are not there now.
If you take a look you will see that the URL is the same as the title of this blog and the reason for changing is my eager for more visit :-) (Spread the word, i want more visit and comments...)

In this work of changing i discovered that i had allot of tools who needed to know my new address too, some i could just change and some i had to make all over again. But i think i manage to fix them all, I'll keep my fingers crossed.

At the end i will welcome all readers back and to the new ones, pleas come back again and if anyone of old or new readers has an opinion. Use the commenting tool and give me a comment.
One more thing, I'm open for request. is there something you want to know about bergen or is there something you want to see (picture) give me a word and i will try to do so.

Norwegian news in English:
A litle picture at the end.
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