11 August, 2008

Lazy days (Summer vacation)

Not so much to tell.
We are enjoying the days, relaxing and eating :-)

Pictures? Not to many, it's a small place and I'll think i showed you most of the place all ready. But of curs i have some...

I've been doing allot of work on my vacation, my mother in law is saving the work for me. It's actually pretty nice, i don't get bored.. :-)
I've been fixing and moving the satellite disk, fixing some crashed computers, tighten up some furniture and one of the days I'm going to do the lawn..

But now over to the pictures.... I found some!
Eidfossen, a small but powerful waterfall and the building on the left side is a power plant.
(On the picture above, it's not rain. It's the shower from the waterfall that was making me and the camera wet)
Laksetrapp, because of the dam at the top of the waterfall, the salmon cant get up. To make it easier or possible for the salmon to continue they build a canal for the fish to get up (laksetrapp)
This is where the Trolls are living :-)
This day it was cloudy and the light in the forest got so mystic and i had no problem believing in the fairy tails about the Trolls

This church is in a nearby village called Reed, a small place with a church, pub/bar and grocery marked + camping..
Norwegian news in English:
Aftenposten Aftenbladet
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