29 August, 2008

We are moving :-) part 2

Her we go....
I started 08:00 this morning, and this is first rest sins then (13:40), the apartment we are moving from is in the 4th floor and no elevator. My luck :-) (The new one one floor up)
The new apartment is as i told you, close to the old one and thats good (and bad). Good because we don't have to go far and bad because it's so close it's stupid to use a car.
My brother is coming tomorrow to help me with the heavy stuff, he is the best one. He never say no and always find a way to help.
............THANKS BRO.......
No pictures today or this weekend, if i take some pictures I'll use the mobile phone.
And it will be posted at: my mobile blog 
Here we go again.... See you later
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