25 April, 2008

Yes yes yes !!!!

I finally got what i was craving, such a long time for. A Olympus E330
I bought it to day and I'm so happy :-)

I'm exploring the settings, trying it out and hope to be able, to take better pictures soon.

20 April, 2008

Sunny Sunday ..

For the 5th day in a row it's sunny and so nice weather.
Jr. is selling newspaper every Sundays and today i went with him, i's a 2 hour walk and with this weather it's perfect.
The weather forecast for the next week is perfect, and they are promising more nice weather.

This i the Nordhordaland bridge, it's not so old and finished in 1994

This one shows a place called Knarvik. A little place North of Bergen

This one shows a place called Salhus

Just playing around today, i took almost 100 pictures and just want to show you some of them.
Playing around with color and B&W

Spring is her, and soon summer. Ahhhhh it's so nice.
This one shows a Pussy Willow

And this one, a little hedgehog hunting for something to eat.

A picture of my shadow

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19 April, 2008

Why ??

First of all i want to send my thanks to almost everyone who visit and give comments on my Blog, It's so nice to get feedback and visits.

But i wrote "almost everyone", and it's sad. Why is some commenting and putting virus code in their comment, is it just for fun or because you are just plain stupid ?

When you give comments and in that comments you put in a link to some virus page, then i understood you wasn't first in line when God made your brain.

The answers for me is to close direct commenting and to report all of you stupid idiots, to the Blogger group.

And to all of you others, please just keep on commenting and visiting my blog.

16 April, 2008

At school again..

Back at school for the last gathering before the exam.

For them who don't know, i take a course in private economic and law at BI. The exam is in early June and hopefully it would not be at the same day as baby birth :-)

The school is placed outside Oslo, in a place called Nydalen.
I went for a walk on Monday afternoon, i try to find something nice to capture on photo. I soon discovered, it's nothing but offices and industry in that area.

They where working in and around this river, the name of this river is Akerselva
and is a river who is known from history, lyrics and songs.

This is the hotel i stay at Radisson SAS Hotel Nydalen, a very comfortable hotel with a nice staff. the only minus i cold find is if you don't bring your own laptop, they charge you for 3 NOK each minute, for using the one's in the lobby (1 USD = 5 NOK)

From my room at 8'th floor, by night.

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08 April, 2008

I'll newer go tired of Bergen

Do you?
I'll been walking the streets and the narrow alleys in the hunt for nice pictures.

N.Stølen (street name) a charming place and a nice neighborhood.

Then i went by the Mariakirken (St Mary's Church) a bautyfull church and a popular place to get married and baptism's.

Strandgaten the main shopping street, but on Sundays everything i closed.

The Bergen pride Statsraad Lehmkuhl a (square-rigged ship)
if you open the picture, you will see some working in/at the mast's

Bryggen(harbor) in Bergen

Inside the old harbor area

03 April, 2008

Manhole cover

Around the city, there is allot of manhole, and of course there is a cover on them :-)
They come in different shapes and sizes. this one has as you can see (or maybe not) a team from the city.

If i find some different and nice ones, i will show them to you too.
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