20 April, 2008

Sunny Sunday ..

For the 5th day in a row it's sunny and so nice weather.
Jr. is selling newspaper every Sundays and today i went with him, i's a 2 hour walk and with this weather it's perfect.
The weather forecast for the next week is perfect, and they are promising more nice weather.

This i the Nordhordaland bridge, it's not so old and finished in 1994

This one shows a place called Knarvik. A little place North of Bergen

This one shows a place called Salhus

Just playing around today, i took almost 100 pictures and just want to show you some of them.
Playing around with color and B&W

Spring is her, and soon summer. Ahhhhh it's so nice.
This one shows a Pussy Willow

And this one, a little hedgehog hunting for something to eat.

A picture of my shadow

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