16 April, 2008

At school again..

Back at school for the last gathering before the exam.

For them who don't know, i take a course in private economic and law at BI. The exam is in early June and hopefully it would not be at the same day as baby birth :-)

The school is placed outside Oslo, in a place called Nydalen.
I went for a walk on Monday afternoon, i try to find something nice to capture on photo. I soon discovered, it's nothing but offices and industry in that area.

They where working in and around this river, the name of this river is Akerselva
and is a river who is known from history, lyrics and songs.

This is the hotel i stay at Radisson SAS Hotel Nydalen, a very comfortable hotel with a nice staff. the only minus i cold find is if you don't bring your own laptop, they charge you for 3 NOK each minute, for using the one's in the lobby (1 USD = 5 NOK)

From my room at 8'th floor, by night.

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