30 May, 2009

A litle update from Bergen

Hey folks, it's been a while sins I last posted something her. My excuse?? I don't have any, but time flies, work and family are really the only thing I use my time on.

In the last month, allot of things has happen. At work it's allot to do and I was offered a trainee job, I'm going to bee at a different office for some months. It's so nice to get more experience; it will give me a better chance when I apply for other positions at my work place.

On the private part, every thing goes just great. Our little princes are growing and the 14th of June she is One year. She is the most beautiful little thing and she gives us allot of joy, last mount she also start using her feet's for standing on, and she is now up and around every where.

Yes I've also taken allot of pictures, but most of them is family and princes. But of curs now & then I take others too.
The following pictures is from the last moth

I thing I've don this before, Panorama from the mount Fløyen
Bergen Panorama from Fløyen 

And her is one fore Kyle & Svet in Russia. Our submarine navy force is in these days 100 year, and for that reason, submarines from other countries come visiting. This one is a Russian submarine. It isn’t that many years ago, this would be impossible.
 Russian visit 

Then the last one, is just some beautiful Norwegian nature
 Spring in Norway

At the end.

Norwegian news in English

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