24 March, 2008

Easter in the city #2

It was bout snow and sun yesterday, let's hope the flowers survive..

The color is amazing in the fight between sun and snow

Tomorrow the easter holidays is over and it's back to work

22 March, 2008

Easter in the city

To day we have been out walking, not just one but two times..

We started out with a walk to Bergen Harbor (Bryggen). At the old buildings there is some figures at the wall, around the entrance of the narrow alleys.

Now we are a little further, this is the statue of a famous writer Ludvig Holberg

And this guy, maybe he got to much last night :-)
Just joking, it's art, and there is some like this placed around the city. Unfortunately i couldn't find any information about them

Now we are at the second walk, as you can see it's become evening and we were just walking in the neighborhood

The neighborhood church...Nykirken

17 March, 2008

Baby equipment

We had a shopping weekend and was running around for things for the baby.
It's allot of brands and allot of different prices, but we found what we needed at the end.
We bought a bed too, of curse..

Now we have the must important things, and we are ready for the baby :-)

07 March, 2008


We where at the clinic today and we got some beautiful pictures and video clips.
She look just like a princes...

03 March, 2008

Some pictures from the city.

A copy of one of the old storage buildings at bryggen

Statsråd Lehmkuhl, The pride of Bergen

Bergen Tinghus (court house)

The Bryggen in evening sun

Now i have to do some schoolwork, see you later..

01 March, 2008

Baby update..

Next Friday. 07 march 2008.
We are going to do 3D Ultrasound, we are so excited and almost cant wait. It's pretty expensive, but it's worth it. In the price we also get a DVD with our Princes staring :-).

There is only one private clinic in Bergen, who is Handling this kind of ultrasound, it's possible to get it in Public hospital, but only if there is something wrong.

Majorstuaklinikken i Bergen Sorry it's only in Norwegian.