15 December, 2006

Ahhhh. finaly friday

One more day and i would go crazy. Don't misunderstand me i love my work but there is something magical about the weekend.

You has busted your ass around to satisfier your costumers and your colleagues and it's just so good to sit down and take a brake. Just doing what you want to do and of course what your wife or girlfriend want to do ;-)

this weekend it's time to decorate the Christmas tree and i guess we start tomorrow or maybe Sunday, just now I'm making dinner for me and my son (chicken and Thai wok) my wife is at work for the second time to day and she isn't going to be home before 23:00.

My son bought him self a new game today Dreamfall and he is almost inside the screen and he recommend it to you all. He is usually playing WOW and needed a break..

yummy, it's so good...

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