10 December, 2006

Xmas shoping

Yesterday the race for xmas started.

I bought 10 xmas cards to friends and family and when my wife was finished resting after work, we went shopping at a mall called Lagunen, 20 min south of Bergen.

I really surprised my self, i manage to by 6 out of 10 presents and all because of good planning, i think I'm the only one who remove the

"No commercial, sticker from the mail box in my neighborhood" I just love xmas commercial...

Today we plan to visit a mall called Sartor Senter at the West side of Bergen, I'm only await a call from my wife for me to pick here up at work, it looks like she is going too bee late today. She is usually don by 13:00 and now the time is 13:45.

Ahhh. she called now, now we can run out and spend more money om presents

"jippi I'm so happy"

Nice Xmas wether.

When December is over, we will have received more then 600mm of rain.

And thats allot.......

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