15 March, 2009

Spring pictures, ship tracking, web cam and more from Bergen

After so many months it's so nice to show some spring pictures of Bergen again. I understand if you get sick of it but i love it..

I'll been doing some city walks and i have taken some pictures, not to many but some. I also find a link for allot of web cam in and around Bergen, her you can follow bergen spring and summer life.

For the ones of you who have interest in Ship traffic i also found a link to a page who is tracking coastal ship traffic and it gives you information about the vessels.

So Let's start with the pictures..

It's a picture taken from Bryggen i Bergen (Bergen Harbor) You can see the Bergen pride
"Statsraad Lehmkuhl" a beautiful sail ship who is a school ship.
Bergen harbor
Ps: the ship coming in, in the background is the Rainbow Warrior

Last week we had a visit from Germany too, it's the German school ship "
Gorch Fock"
German school ship Gorch Fock

And of curs i have to show some flowers :-)
Spring flowers

Now we come to the end and there is no more pictures for to day.
I promised you some links too and the next two lines will take you further.

Link to some web cams

Link to ship tracking.

And now at the end, some Norwegian news in English

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