11 February, 2009

A journey trough winter wonder land

Now we are home and i found some pictures to share.

This is a big lake close to Sandane, and the following pictures are the same place but by my opinion one picture wasn't enough..

Frozen lake and mountains
Frozen lake and mountains close up
Frozen lake, mountains and fog

This is the main road to sandane, not to much snow but the ice, you don't see it but it was there
Winter road

Postbox for one of the locale farmers, really nice.
Snow on tree

Then we come to the night pictures, i like taken pictures at night but when it's this cold it take some planing. Last thing i need is condense in the optic.. If you scroll down you can see how cold :-)
Tree at night
Same night but the moon came and say hello
Tree and moonlight
Frozen tree at night

Here is the house, really nice but old house, full of cracks everywhere.
House in winterland

I told you it was cold (Richard, this is cold enough for me) so taking the camera out from the house ore in again, take some planning.
soo cold -14

In this old house the heating is basically based on firewood, so when we woke up in the morning this is how the windows look.
ice on the window
ice on the window
The one who woke up first, head to fire up the ovens.

At the end.
Norwegian news in English

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