24 December, 2007

Xmas is soon over ........

I'm siting her and wondering about what happened, I'm talking about Christmas. All the packages is opened and that's it...

My 20 year old daughter is sitting in one room and are sour and on top of that, she wound let her brother who is 15 year borrow her laptop. when i ask why, she answered " i don't feel like it.."(what is she going to do, next time she need a favor from him ??)

Enough about that, lets talk about something nice. PRESENTS !!
That's a nice thing, everyone got something nice, and we all seams happy. what we got ? some got money, some got cloth and some other stuff. And one of us got a Diamond Ring :-)

I was planning to take some Xmas pictures, but with this weather it's not possible to take any nice pictures. it's raining and freezing at the same time and the only thing we do outside is to get more firewood and walking over to a nearby gas station for more chocolate and soda..

Tomorrow we are going to home and on Friday we are going to hospital for ultrasound scan, then we also are going to find out if it's a girl or a boy :-) We are both very exited and can hardly wait to know.

See you later, and i will try to give you some pictures..
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