20 December, 2007

Chrismas again..

And here we go again, presents to buy and allot of money to use.

My wife left on Tuesday to here mom's place, and me and the kids are going on Sunday. I'm spending my time at work and running around for Christmas shopping.

I haven't had time to do any picturing, but i hope to take some in the Christmas holidays.

I'm happy to tell that I'm almost finished with all the presents, my brother came to my work to pick up his daughters presents and the ones he is bringing to our sisters place, where he is going to spend Christmas holidays.

I bought my wifes present today, cant tell you what (she may read this) Tomorrow I'm running out to buy the last ones, the last ones is for my daughter and for my son. What I'm going to buy ? I have no idea and I've would be happy for some ideas... :-)

I found some of my son drawings and i promise that later on i will give you some Christmas pictures. But for now i wish you all a marry Christmas....

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