10 December, 2007

Hiking at mount Ulriken

On Sunday i was hiking at mount Ulriken, it's the highest mountain of the seven mountains around Bergen.
At this time of the year, everything should be covered by snow but with this global warming it's not going to be winter like when i was a kid.

#1 The first picture is taken from my elementary school, and shows the mountain top.

#2 I'm on my way
#3 This rock was so enormous when i was a kid
#4 yes i know, I'm going up :-)
#5 the cafè shop at the top
#6 The city song
#7 Cable car, for the brave and lazy one

#8-9-10-11. a overview of the city
Take a look at the last #11. if you maximize you can see where i took the first one
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