15 October, 2008

Bergen update

I'm sitting her and try to write something nice in my blog but it's so hard to find something to wright about.

I could write about the financial crises but the newspapers do that well enough.. I could write about the whether, but thats so boring (raining)

I have a dry period (no alcohol Problem) but from the picturing, autumn is her and the evening darkness comes earlier every day and in the morning it's still dark when i drive to work :-(

At home i have two beautiful girls waiting so i run home as son as possible after work, and after dinner the daylight fade away..
Talking about my girls, our baby is 4 months today and we took allot of pictures for the photo album..

I have found some new blog's lately and some bloggers found me, thats very nice but i wish i had more to offer of pictures to my old and new visitors.
You can all see the blog's i follow but i will not give you any specific, every one of you i follow is nice and some better.

But ofcours i have some that are commenting me and who I'm commenting on a regular bases.
(Kyle and Svet Keeton) in Window to Russia who are in Israel on vacation and are posting pictures and ofcours Helena-skyblu who are writing about here everyday life in USA. If you feel sad because i didn't mention your blog, don't.. It's just to many to list her and you are all to be found in

On my way home from work today i found a autumn picture for you all. It's taken close to my workplace.

The autumn give us the most beautyfull colors

And at the end
Norwegian news in English
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