26 December, 2008

Posting in between..

In between ?, yes we are. Christmas is over and New year is coming.
It has been a while since last posting, and the only excuse i can think of is.. Work, work and no daylight after work.

I hope you all had a merry Christmas and that all your wishes come trough. Our Christmas celebration went very well, for the ones who don't know already . We gathers to eat and open our packages in late afternoon, the 24 of December.
No white Christmas in Bergen, Something has happened. When i was a kid, we had snow for weeks at this time of year.
In the morning (09:40) the 24 of December,  Still dark and not so fun to shoot pictures.
This last one is taken in the afternoon (16:10) 26 of December, yes it's dark. The shutter was set for 1 sec..

At the end.

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