05 December, 2008

Blogging for my brother

Hi there.
I'm the brother of bskaad. I'm going try to help my brother with the posting.
It,s not much to sa about me, I'm 44 years old, have to kids, and live in the eastern part of Bergen. My job is in Norgesgruppen, wholesale for a dosen of stores i Norway.

I know that my brother is posting some of his picture in this blog, so I,m gonna do that to.
This is from a hikingtour i had in the beutifull mountain sorrunding Bergen city.

This is halfway to the top of Ulriken

Wiev from the top towards southern part of Bergen

Bergen. In the upper part of the picture is Askøy and Sotra

This is the stadium for SK Brann

This is sunsetwiev from Fløen

And as always, some norwegian news in English

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