19 January, 2009

January update

Just like the bear, I'm winter hibernate and things go slow.. Today for the fist time in months it was some daylight when i left from work, and it''s so nice to know that spring and then summer is coming back :-)
Our little princess just become 7 moths and she is the must beautiful little girl..
I noticed that my Russian blog friends Kyle & Svet bought them selves a new toy, a mobile phone with camera. So now Kyle is running around in Moscow shooting every thing and every one :-)
Just want to welcome him to the world of mobile blogs, and hope to see allot of nice pictures..
Last weekend i participated in a planing meeting with work, we visited a nice place called Froland in Samnanger we stay at the Ciderhuset (site in Norwegian, but worth a look) a private hotel who is rented out to company's who need staying and privacy. A beautiful building who is situated in between the mountains in west of Norway.

At Saturday, before we went home some of us went for a long long walk, fresh air after a late evening is always good.

At the end.

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