05 November, 2008

That's My World - Bergen city

I have had some day of from work and today i vent for a morning walk. It has been a cold but sunny day, and we have been out for two long walks today.

First of all, a picture from my neighborhood. As you can see, the sun is shining..

This next 4 pictures are of a monument for the Norwegian sea trawlers who trough all time since the Vikings, in War and peace had their work and living at sea.
It's a seven meter high monument located at Torgallmenningen. Made by Dyre Vaa (1903-1980) in 1950. Consists of 12 statues and four relief in two heights.

This is a wooden sculpture.
the last few years, the school of art build some sculpture and place it in city
This is some other kind of art. 
The great son of Bergen.
Ole Bull, if you want to read more about him just hit the link
Then we are back to my favorite place. Bryggen (Bergen Harbor) this time i did as you can see, in B/W  
When i was down at the  harbor i met these two guys, they where enjoying the morning sun and the morning drink. It looked like something stronger then beer :-)

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