30 September, 2008

Bergen pictures

 Then i was here again.
Some new pictures from my hometown.

It was just hanging there, waiting for the owner to come back.
Maybe somebody was partying a bit to hard :-)

Somebody had allot of fun
The Music pavilion, was given to the city by, some consul F.G. Gade and was built in 1893. It came from Germany as a constructing set and is made in casting steel and wood.
It is still used as a concert scene.
He is so angry and i would be to, he has been standing at the same place in many years with the water poring over him :-)
The old City Hall.
Built in 1558, the material came from a church in the neighborhood (back then)
After the big city fire in 1702 it was rebuilt.
It is also a part of Norwegian dark history, in the witch process. Where allot of people was killed without justice, i have been writing about this before. Follow this link
Then we are looking at the Bryggen.
Bergen harbor
It had just stop raining and the sun came back
 Norwegian news in English

at the end .

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