21 September, 2008

Autumn is her

It was just a matter of time.
The summer is leaving an we are closer to winter then ever before this year.
But the autumn also bring nice scenery, with beautiful colors and allot of motive for me to picture.

I'll start with a spring picture, this year.
And then the same place, this autumn.

Then i want to follow up with a picture from Bryggen i Bergen, taken this summer. For the ones who don't now, Bryggen (bergen Harbor) is on the  UNESCO list for World Cultural Heritage.
Then the last one, for now. I'll posted pictures from this fortress before, but it's so nice in the evening with beautiful lighting. It shows Bergenhus Festning (Fortress)
This last picture is actually going to be used in a historical book, who i to be published in spring 2009.
I got the signed contract back some days ago, and i send the picture to the publisher :-)
And then at the end
Norwegian news in English
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