01 March, 2010

A walk in Nordfjordeid city

A walk in Nordfjordeid city

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Today we was (as the title say) in Nordfjordeid, my wife and here mom went shopping and our princes and me went for a walk.

One thing first....
To the ones who still visiting my blog and still coming back, thank you... I'm still her, but I'm so occupied with school and work. My exam is in late April and if that goes well "I'LL BE BACK"

But for now this post have to do. As always when i'm out, i bring my camera and try to take some pictures.

 One of the locales..
 A map of the Nordfjordeid
 Main street
 Parked for the winter
 A nice place in the summer, but..
 Some scenic view
 Waiting for the

 Thats all for this time..
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