01 January, 2010

Princess & Christmas/New Year update from Bergen

Hi all. Here is a Christmas/New Year posting from us in Bergen, hope all of you who visit my blog are doing well. I'm still here and is often visiting my favorites blogs for a look. When it comes to posting at my own blog, It's much seldom. It is this time, but also a little writer's block that makes the biggest problems

This Christmas we have guests staying trough holiday, presents is given and best regards are given. Now we starting a new year and in April i have my exam, Mr. panic already come visiting :-)

As you can see from the following picture, our Princess is growing up. She is our joy in life and is the sweetest little thing...

As i mention earlier our family visiting us this Christmas, among them there is my brother in law (O) and his girlfriend (D). They are both artistic and very good in drawing and animation.

This time I'm going to show (D) Drawing/painting

Next time i maybe show some of (O)'s work

At the end.

Norwegian news in English

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